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Learn To Read And Write
Simplified Chinese Characters
- 156 Chinese characters you need to know

Editorial Reviews

The numerous unique innovative features in this textbook make it top choice for anyone wishing to learn Chinese characters.

We understand you are learning in order to be able to use. We also know that you want to achieve it efficiently. It's the reason why we organize the Chinese characters by the frequency of use. It's also the reason why we incorporated three exciting articles at the end of the book.

The main Chinese character is in large print; the handwriting-style font used is for the benefit of facilitating character learning.

Unique Quick Mandarin Stroke Table included to help you gain solid knowledge on each strokes;

Here are some more features

=> Introduced 156 frequently used characters which appear in almost any real-world reading context, including newspapers, magazines and internet;

=> More than 500 two-character compounds to leverage your knowledge of the 156 characters, cultivating your reading skills;

=> Conveniently ordered by frequency of use for learning efficiency;

=> Conveniently indexed by radicals, a smart way helping you achieve long-term memorization.