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Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours
Speak Chinese within 30 hours
(Absolute Beginner Learn Chinese Textbook)

Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours, previously call Mandarin Quick Learn Program, is a unique program developed by Quick Mandarin to help Westerners learn essential Mandarin in 30 hours.

Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours will enable you to communicate in real life, regardless of whether your purpose is to do business, to travel, or just to study out of interest. The vocabulary used is as 'everyday' as we can make it, and we apply it in situations which are common and natural in today's China. This course maintains the principle of teaching only what is truly essential for a firm grasp of practical, up-to-date Chinese.

Praise For the Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours Program

I would highly recommend the Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours book for any business executive, or traveler, who would llike to gain a comfort level with basic Mandarin before visiting. The course is very pragmatic. Within a month, I was putting together sentences and gained a comfort level with the language's complicated tones.

Lisa Balter
VP/AP, The Deal LLC

I needed to improve my language skills quickly for an interview, and Yao Zhang designed a rapid improvement program to my needs. This book applies his unique approach to learning languages - a method one can apply not only to Mandarin, but also to any future language studies.

Kay Dilday
Editor, The New York Times

The Quick Mandarin: 30 Hours is the perfect solution for adults who are beginner Chinese learners. We learned words, concepts and structures that I was able to use in my everyday life in New York, which made learning Mandarin relevant, fun and fast. Each chapter covered a body of content that was easy to grasp and the exercises were innovative and interesting. I've studied nine other languages in my life and I've never learned one as easily as I did with Yao's program. Trust me, both you and your friends will be impressed!

Julius Roberge
Director, Interbrand Corporation