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Learn To Read Chinese Newspaper

Editorial Reviews

You learned hundreds of Chinese characters, now let's apply it to real-life Chinese news articles!

Learn To Read Chinese Newspaper is great textbook for someone who knows at least 200 Chinese characters, and wishing to read articles in the newspaper but always feel intimedated or overwhelmed by the new characters and vocabulary.

This book covers most recent events make the reading interesting and relevant. The 10 articles in this textbook covers a large variety of subjects such as 2008 Beijing Olypic, China's Economics, RMB appreciation, Real-estate Bubbles in China, Basketball and Yaoming, Movie festival in Shanghai etc...

All articles are annotated into Chinese Pinyin, so you can read even if you don't know some characters. The vocabulary list is complete and contain all vocabulary(pairs), proper nouns and proverbs. So without help of an additional dictionary, you will be able to understand the text.